Ouch!! The "Dasch" to the bottom…

Well, make it 3… or 4, depending on whether you count Eric Cantor aproving the pardon of FLN terrorists…

Tom Daschle, President Obama’s nominee for the Secretary of Health and Human Services has a major income tax problem.

But more than the few hundred thousand in back taxes (he received private car service for several YEARS and anyone with even the slightest familiarity with the tax code knows that is taxable) that he mysteriously realized he owed when he was nominated (just like The Treasury Secretary Tim Geightner) the scandal has revealed an almost impossible to believe web of dirty money that Daschle has received from numerous interests that he was once voting on legislation for.

He had a $1 million dollar a year salary from a media consulting company founded by Leo Hindery, formerly of the YES network. What is his media expertise?

He earned $2 million a year from a powerhouse Washington Lobbying firm, but because Senate rules prohibited him from being a lobbyist, he was declared a “special advisor”. Right.

He received monies from insurance regulators, and insurance companies, (he won’t say, b/c the disclosure form simply lists “up to $5000” or “Over $5000” and he is over), investment firms, and the list goes on.

Almost all of whom he had legislative ties to.

Oh, and not to mention the fact that, again in the face of Obama’s new rules that he waives every day, his wife is a professional lobbyist.

Amazingly, Congress is going to overlook this one as well.

So far the candidate for “change” and transparency in government, has lost his Labor Secretary because of a financial scandal (Bill Richardson), should have lost his Treasury Secretary who will run the agency he claims to not know the rules of (Geightner) and appointed an attorney General who at best was inattentive to the types of people he approved for pardon. And now we have the third dirty financial appointee.

Change you can believe in.

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