Oy, vey iz mir…. Is it Monday or Tuesday?

Quick translation – Oh, the pain!

So let’s see, Monday night we all go to sleep thinking President Obama has steadfastly stood by his good friend and closest adviser, Tom Daschle saying that nothing could disqualify him and that he was needed to solve the health care crisis.

This despite the revelations not JUST of the tax problems that Daschle had, but that, in fact, he was as dirty as any politician has ever been after their electoral career ends.

He had gotten money from virtually every concern that he had ever voted for, regulated, etc and hoped to in the future.

SO what changed?

Well, first was the withdrawl of his so called “Chief Performance Officer”. You know the person that was supposed to be watching over everyone else.

Well she made it 3 out of the last 3 nominees with tax problems.

Add to this was the NY Times, Obama’s chief sponsor, calling for Daschle to withdraw on Monday and the die was cast, as they say.

So, Daschle withdrew.

I will give it to Obama though. He makes Bill Clinton’s political acumen look pathetic.

Obama comes out Tuesday and says he made a mistake.

What I’d like to know is, when did he make a mistake?

Was it over the last 2 years when Daschle was leading such a high life that he needed to be chauffered everywhere and was offering supposed advice for the common man on the campaign?

Was it when he offered Daschle’s name in nomination?

Was it when he continued to defend him even in the embarrassment of Treasury Secretary Geithner’s nomination?

Was it when the tax problems emerged and he didn’t immediately say, we just can’t have this? (He could never have said that after his “everyone makes mistakes” defense of Geithner)

Was it when the extent of Daschle’s conflict of interest and corruption came out?

Was it in the 12 hours between his defense on Monday and withdrawl on Tuesday?

What was his mistake?

Oh, and that pain I mentioned. It’s the pain that those who bought the change line should feel.

I felt it for the last 2 years every time this compulsive liar opened his mouth.

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