When is a salary cap, not a salary cap?

Easy, when the political genius that is Obama announces it.

Such ballyhoo, so much publicity. Those damn Wall St. execs. How dare they make millions while we all suffer.

So Obama is right to cap their pay, yes?
You bet he is. Only problem is, he didn’t do that.

For those of you who have ever held stock, you know those notices you get once a year telling you about your annual meeting? Well, probably you just threw it away and didn’t notice, but if you have ever held stock, in your company, a 401K, Mutual fund or any other way, than you get them from every company every year.

And guess what happens at that meeting? You vote on the CEO’s compensation as recommended by the compensation committee. You know, that committee comprised of all of the CEO’s buddies. Or a bunch of celebrities that the company brought in to fluff the board of directors.

And funny, but if that happens, there is NO salary limit under the Pres’s plan.

But that’s just the beginning. The limit doesn’t exist for anyone who has ALREADY taken federal money. You know, all thsoe guys that pissed you off. Morgan, Citibank, AIG, etc, etc. They already got their slop at the public trough.

And it only applies to those in the future that apply under “special circumstances”. In other words NOT the banks that have made us all so mad. NOT the tarp funds.

So, when is a salary limit not a limit? When OH!!! BAMA!!!! sets it.

Btw, I am amazed. For the first time in my life, as I was driving last night, I tuned into conservative talk radio. OK, so I didn’t feel like listening to the NJ Nets or the NJ Devils who were playing on my two usual sports talk stations. So I was stuck. I knew if I put on music, I’d fall asleep at the wheel. Not good. So I though maybe if I get pissed off at the radio, it will keep up on my way back from Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk.

I tuned into Curtis Sliwa on WABC here in NY. That’s right, the guy who made a name for himself by being a vigilante, and than being beaten up by John Gotti’s thugs.

And even HE didn’t get it. So if the conservatives don’t understand what is going on, how can those who support this imposter understand.

Can you say change? Or in my English, B.S.

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