If you thought I was wrong…

In the first action at the “planning” for Durban II, the Palestinian delegation added a paragraph to the Durban I paper calling on implementation of the International Court of Justice Advisory opinion on the fence in the West Bank (incorrectly called a wall).

The US delegation did not object to this.

This opinion was so clearly antisemitic as to be laughable. With literally hundreds of such fences and far more restrictive, at virtually every international border in the world, the idea that only Israel cannot put up a border fence can only have one interpretation.

That the Obama administration, despite US rejection of the original decision in the court, did not object to this being added, is proof that there is no attempt to “redirect” the tenor of the conference, but rather to rubber stamp it.

By not stating unequivocally that they would boycott, the US has now prevented all of Europe, which had indicated that they were likely to boycott, impotent to do so. Not to mention leaving Canada as apparently Israels’ greatest ally.

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