The First Openly Anti Semitic President

There have been leaders of the United States who have held Jews in great disdain. If you listen to the Watergate tapes, for example, you can hear Richard Nixon use all manner of expletives to describe my religious brothers and sisters.

But never before has any President, so universally, consistently, and rapidly, expressed through his ACTIONS, as opposed to his always carefully parsed words, his hatred of “Jews”.

Like so many, I can hear the cries of “what about Rahm Emanuel?” etc. That canard wouldn’t fly if I said to you “my best friend is black” but I was burning a cross at the same time, even if it were true. So why should it now?

Let me backtrack. Many of you read my posts during the election season and know my feelings about Obama. Much of it came from this issue. I knew, from the associations and friends he had, as well as the blatant lies he told, what his predilections were.

But I could not even convince my Jewish friends of this. Why? Many reasons, the most obvious being the overwhelming Democratic/Liberal composition of the Jewish population in the US.

But there is a strange quality we Jews have. We never believe anyone could really dislike us just because we don’t believe in Jesus, or Mohamed or anyone else. As Hitler was passing law after law, and creating ghetto after ghetto, we stayed (of course it didn’t help that no one would take us).

And, despite ALL the stereotypes, we think of things like social justice, and equal rights far more than we do about our Jewishness. We are Americans first (or Canadians, Frenchman, whatever) last, and in between.

Add to that the fact that most (and by most I mean 90% and up) of diaspora (worldwide) Jews know little to nothing about Israel, its’ people, its’ geography, etc.

But there was also something that Jews have been told by various groups for years. That no mainstream American politician was anti Israel, or anti Semitic. That their support was really just on a scale. That they all understood the essential nature of the relationship between the Jewish community, and Israel, and the US.

As is often said, it is one of shared values. A truly democratic nation, thriving with a first world economy, and real freedom, in an area of the world devoid of it.

When Obama first announced, I began to research, as I usually do, and the memories came back. Our days at Columbia, and his mentors. The Said’s, the Khalidi’s etc. But he must have grown since then? Matured? Moderated?

But then there was Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Robert Malley talking to Hamas.

All of these folks were supposed to be gone. Fired during the campaign.

But lo and behold, back they came after the election. Guess it’s tough to get a firing to hold.

Rice, in fact, to a newly created cabinet level appointment as Representative to the UN, removing her from being under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Then there was his first official phone call as President. To Mahmoud Abbas. This is the same man, whose PhD thesis was a denial of the Holocaust.

Next, his first official interview with Al Arabiya not an American network, or even CNN international.

Then his appointment of General James Jones, who, like Rice and Powell, openly supports putting US troops in ISRAEL to protect those poor, bomb wearing, so called Palestinians, from Israelis.

OK, you say, but all of those folks have legitimate left wing bonafides and really don’t indicate where Obama will go with his policies.

As I chuckle and say, yes but they all also openly supported Jimmy Carter’s violently anti semitic last book, not to mention the fact that you forgot about his wonderful and openly anti semitic former Pastor. The infamous Jeremiah Wright – you remember him. Whose Pastor’s corner section of his monthly bulletin wrote to Oprah not to go to Israel because the Israeli’s had created an “ethnic bomb” designed to just kill blacks and Arabs?

So, next, Obama, in violation of US LAW, sends more than $20 million dollars to Hamas in Gaza. This is besides the indirect aid they already receive.

While doing this, he quietly, as he has done much of these things, officially reopens diplomatic relations with Syria. Announce it on Saturday evening, so it misses the news cycle.

You know that fun country that openly supports the worst terrorist groups in the world. That assassinated the President of Lebanon, and then with their friend Iran, engineered a takeover of that beautiful country by Hizbollah. Remember the days that Beirut was known as the “Paris of the Middle East”?

Next came his Durban II folly. You have read my thoughts about that. Of course, what I didn’t mention is the latest issue there.
A holocaust denial clause was added to the original statement and amazingly, Der Fuhrer Obama did not have the US delegation object.
Apparently he really does support his pastor’s view on the holocaust.

But now, something I simply could not have imagined.

The appointment of Charles “Chas” Freeman as head of the National Intelligence Council. They are responsible for producing the National Intelligence estimate.

A little about Chas. He has stated that the Chinese government was not tough enough on their dissidents. That if they had only cracked down earlier, there would have been no need for Tiannamen square.

Freeman is the former head of the Middle East Policy Council. Now MEPC purports to be non partisan. Of course, they’re hoping that we all forget that until 1991 their name was “The American-Arab Affairs Network” an official lobbyist of Saudi Arabia’s.

Speaking of the Saudis, Chas has said that King Abdullah should not be known by that moniker, but rather as “Abdullah the Great”.

That’s not surprising since Abdullah was paying his salary. They funded the former American-Arab Affairs Network, cum MEPC.

Oh, did I mention that he feels that we need dictators and strong men around the world to control the “street”. That he thinks that Hamas and Hezbollah are good for just that reason?

OK, you say, again. Being pro Israel’s enemies, and anti Israel, is not anti semitic.

You’re right of course. Hell, Israeli politics makes US politics look like pinochle. Israeli’s are anti Israel in some respects.

But it is when it is combined with some of this:

When the Walt and Merscheimer anti semitic bible “The Israel Lobby…” came out, not only did Freeman support it, but he had MEPC PRINT IT.

And he is a wholehearted supporter of the belief that we Jews, all 6 million or so of us, control this country. Which, of course, is the thesis of that book.

The media, the banks, etc. (Funny, but I always wonder what guys like John Thain, Ken Lewis, Dick Parsons, Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the banking and media folks have to say about that.)

Of course, since EVERY ONE of the folks that I have mentioned here also support the Walt-Merscheimer book, is it really surprising that this latest Presidential appointment would as well?

What is really problematic here is that this appointment requires no Senate advice and consent. As well as the fact that Freeman has stated that he has been told that he will be part of the President’s, er der Fuhrer’s, daily security brief.

And this latest news may finally be waking some up. Marty Peretz, who was so important to Obama’s ability to convince the Jewish community that he really was our friend, has written in The New Republic that this appointment is an insult to his patriotism.

Funny, but how could you have missed the signs, nay, the bat to the back of your head, before this?

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