Amnesty International Joins the fight

Surprise, Amnesty International has called for an international arms embargo on Israel. In particular, calling on the United States to end all military aid to our one democratic ally in that region.

Interesting that there is no such call for an embargo on any Arab nation. Not Egypt, which receives virutally dollar for dollar the same aid from us as Israel. Not the Saudis, the worldwide leaders in export of terrorism, or anyone else.

Why is this significant? Well who is one of just a half dozen board members of Amnesty International? None other than President Obama’s leading foreign policy voice, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Add to this the fascinating fact that since 2001 the drumbeat of anti American chants from AI since the ascension of the first Muslim chairman, Irene Zubaida Khan, a Pakistani. Khan famously called the prison at Gitmo a “gulag” thereby minimizing the millions that were put to death in Stalin’s camps over the years.

Chalk another one up.

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