The Obama Two Step

Just when you thought it was safe to think that President Obama had decided that the last “addition” to the Durban II conference expressly forbidding free speech meant that he had to witchdraw US attendance at the conference, comes the official statement from the State Department.

It seems our intrepid leader has not withdrawn at all. The statement simply says that unless the document is changed, we will not participate. In other words, get rid of the unconstitutional thorn in my side, and we’re back.

Oh, and no mention of the holocaust denial being eliminated.

Even better, in a gift to those powers that would overlook human rights abuses all over the world in the interest of vilifying Israel, he has agreed to reverse another long standing US policy and submit the US application for the UN Human Commission on Human Rights.

This is the august body, controlled by the Organization of Islamic States, that has been chaired by such human rights supporters as Iran, Libya, China and many of the world’s other staunch defenders of the basic rights such as… oh wait, there are no human rights in those countries.

This is the same body that in it’s history, has adopted more condemnations against Israel than against all 191 of the world’s OTHER nations COMBINED.

What’s additionally interesting is what was going on while these dual announcements were being made.

There were two phone calls taking place. One was by Assistant Secretary of State Karen Stewart to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, the American Civil Liberties Union, the U.N. Foundation, the UNA-USA Association and the Arab American Institute, among others.

The other was by the notorious Samantha Power to various Jewish Organizations.

Apparently, the message was that Arab groups do Human Rights, while Jewish Organizations are concerned only with Jews.

If the feet move any faster, you won’t see the hands.

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