"How do they justify this outrage?" Motto for a new age…

This was President Obama speaking about the AIG bonuses that have gotten so much press this week.

Funny, but if the “most powerful man in the free world”, someone who has just sent billions of additional dollars to this distraught, once great, company, asks this question over something over which he has direct control, what might happen in other places in the world?

As the Taliban two weeks ago was given an entire region of Pakistan.
“How do they justify this outrage?”

As nominee after nominee is found to have violated some law or another, or better yet, be the equivalent of an anti Jewish grand wizard of the KKK?
“How do they justify this outrage?”

As the Soviets, er Russians, continue their march toward a rebirth of the Soviet Empire, swallowing Republics along the way?
“How do they justify this outrage?”

As the Iranians, as the administration admitted last week, move one step from having a nuclear weapon?
“How do they justify this outrage?”

As China declares that the new American economy is causing them to consider what to do with their American debt?
“How do they justify this outrage?”

Now, as to AIG. How DARE he ask this question?

Let’s start here. You pass emergency legislation that declares that any company that requires government bailout is, in effect, in bankruptcy, thereby disqualifying current contracts.

Or how about this, you pass legislation that for any company taking bailouts bonuses are 100% taxable at a 100% rate?

Gee, that’s tough, huh?

Or much more simply.

“Hey, Edward Liddy, who we appointed, we are withholding any additional monies in light of the bonuses being paid out.”

Then when Liddy witholds the bonuses you say to the thieves that have the NERVE to ask for this money “Go ahead and sue, and I will plaster your name in every newspaper in the country and make sure you never get another job”.

There, that was tough, huh? Problem solved.

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