Just a few facts to get in your way…

As of 2 weeks ago:
Humanitarian Aid to Gaza since the End of Operation Cast Lead The Israel Project

Four out of the five Israel-Gaza border crossings are currently open: the Karni crossing for raw materials such as grain; the Kerem Shalom goods crossing, the Nahal Oz fuel terminal and the Erez pedestrian crossing for medical evacuations. According to Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since the end of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operation in Gaza (Jan. 18, 2009) 121,748 tons of aid and 3,009,157 gallons (11,390,900 liters) of fuel have been delivered to the Gaza Strip. Goods imported into Gaza include blankets, canned food, diapers, electricity generators, fish, flour, frozen vegetables, fruit, grain, eggs, meat, medical supplies, oil, pasta, peas, personal hygiene items, powdered milk, rice, sugar, vaccines for people and livestock, veterinary medication and equipment for reconstruction of the electricity network.

Wonder what the Egyptians have been sending in? Oh, but we’re not supposed to mention that Gaza is bordered EQUALLY by Israel and Egypt.

I always wonder why the “embargo” is blamed on the Israelis.

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