New Proof of the myth of land for peace

In his exit interview for the Prime Ministership of Israel, Ehud Ohlmert has revealed just how far he went to make peace with the so called Palestinians.

How far? Farther than ANYONE, American, or Israeli has ever gone.

He promised them EVERYTHING. Every land request they had.

The 1967 lines? No. Ohlmert offered to pull back to the 1948 lines, thereby making Israel a sitting duck.

Not only did he offer these obscene territorial concessions, he even offered to build a bridge, or tunnel, whichever THEY preferred, linking Gaza to the West Bank.

And surprise surprise, just as every other time any Israeli leader made similar offers, the answer was an unhesitating NO.

Without “the right of return” there would be no peace. In other words, without allowing the so called Palestinians taking over all of Israel, there is no peace.

Land for Peace? Sure, when Israel disappears.

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