Tumbling Tim Tries to tread

As Timothy Geithner tries desperately to hold onto his job, let’s remember just how much of a compulsive liar he is (sort of like his boss?).

As President of the NY Federal Reserve, he was heavily involved in the design of the AIG bailout plan.

In addition, isn’t it amazing that no one is discussing the fact that he never paid all the taxes he owed even after being caught?

While accepting responsibility, he took advantage of the statute of limitations and DID NOT repay the money he owed for those years.

Now remember, the issue was that he had received money from the IMF SPECIFICALLY to pay these taxes and had signed a release stating that he was aware that this was the purpose of these funds.

But he was “unaware” that he owed the taxes.

Just as he was “unaware” of the bonuses at AIG.

Unaware. Seems like a good description of Mr. Geithner himself.

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