HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! ………………… oooops, sorry!

Funny that no one noticed the irony of Obama’s Nooruz message to the Iranian people, and more importantly, the government, last week.

Did anyone tell the imperial leader that the holiday that he was sending greeting for is illegal in Iran?

Ha, ha, funny joke right? Nope.

Nooruz is a Persian holiday, which, although still celebrated surreptitiously in Iran, is illegal according to the Sharia Law under which the country operates.

Also not noticed by the mainstream press was the immediate letter sent by the leading dissident/democratic movement in Iran, to his royal highness Obama.

It practically begged him to change course, describing his stated change in course as being potentially disastrous for hopes of change in Iran.

Adding to the humorous, (well, it would be humorous if you didn’t live in Iran, and weren’t one of the ones beheaded) nature of the President’s buffoonery, was the almost simultaneous release of the State Department’s report on the suppression of religious freedom around the world.

The two most repressive nations, as found by Obama’s State Department? Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Funny, but at the same time, the report noted the fact that these two nations also lead the world in beheading religious dissidents.

Oooops, sorry, my bad!! Says OHHH!!Bama

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