Did you sign up for this?

I simply do not know anymore, how to express my absolute shock at what is going on in this country.

When the Bush administration bailed out the banks, it was bad enough, but that was all done roughly within the confines of existing systems, i.e. the promises through existing government “insurance” programs and what had been come to be called the “implied AAA” rating of institutions like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

But is anyone paying attention here?

His royal highness is now the acting CEO of Chrysler and GM.

They are setting the boards of directors of these companies. Determining the Presidents and CEO’s.

Chief Tax cheat Geithner goes in front of Congress and says that he needs authority to take over any company that they determine should be taken over.


The administration has told employees that they have to accept GM stock in replacement for their retirement plans.

Can you say Enron? Isn’t that what the last financial disaster was about?

The next few posts will go into some of the literally impossible to believe actions going on that are just flying over the heads of the American public.

I am just stunned that this is happening without a word of protest.

This EXACTLY what we were bitching about with Vladimir Putin over the last few years.

Oh, and btw, did anyone notice the 2 for exchange of troops foing from Iraq to Afghanistan? You know the troop withdrawal designed by the Iraqis in conjunction with Bush, that Obama adhered to, just as I said he would, but is now sending double these numbers to that death zone.

Anyway, back to the economy. The government is now guaranteeing the cars?

Right, when was the last time the government micromanaged successfully? Come on people, wake the fuck up!!

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