Obama warns Congress: Confrontation with Israel

The Democratic leadership revealed this week, off the record of course, that the administration has been systematically approaching all members of the House and Senate in the party, to expect a confrontation with Israel.

No surprise there, simply an admission of what I have been writing for some time.

The irony here is that Bibi Netanyahu is the first Prime Minister to get it right in a long time. How? By determining that the most effective way to make peace is to improve the Palestinian economy. Or rather, create a Palestinian economy.

It’s tough to make peace with those that aim to kill you, when thousands upon thousands of them pour into your country every day in order to work.

It’s so much easier if they have the things needed for daily life.

Yuval Steinitz, someone I know, and who is well known and respected by American lawmakers (he established the joint Knesset-Congressional committee most folks know nothing about) is the new finance minister.

Steinitz is a PhD in metaphysics and a truly brilliant, and I do mean brilliant man. More importantly, he is perhaps Bibi’s closest political friend. The importance of the economic goals is shown by his appointment here, rather than to a defense, or military cabinet position, as Steinitz has become an expert in that area.

So what is Obama confronting Israel about? Dunno, I guess the failure of the Palestinians to live up to a single clause of a single agreement in 40 years.

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