"It’s discussion not negotiation"

So said someone on my mirror blog on my ‘real’ blog site.

Here is my response:

While discussion does not equal negotiation, it does equal validation.

Aren’t there things that are non negotiable?
Would you discuss reducing racial rhetoric with the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan? Or would you just arrest him for hate crimes?

In addition, ask yourself have you ever considered the most simple explanation for why groups like Hamas and nations like Iran WANT to negotiate?

If they receive any compromises during negotiations, that is
1) that much less that they have to fight for and because they have no plans to adhere to any agreements, it is the equivalent of what might be called “free money”.


2) while you are spending time “negotiating” or “discussing” they are using that same time to further their aims. In the case of Iran, furthering their enrichment process and in the case of groups like Hamas, Hizbollah, and the like, increasing weapons capacity and killing more Jews.

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