Another broken promise…

Funny, but when his highness was in Turkey last week, no one seems to have noticed that he explicitly broke another campaign promise.

For those that don’t know, Obama repeatedly expressed that if elected he would demand that the Turks recognize finally, the Armenian Genocide.

This has a special significance for me, because Hitler used the world’s amnesia with regard to the 1,000,000 Armenians killed by the Ottoman Turks to tell his generals that no one would remember the Jews.

Indeed, in the old city of Jerusalem, in the Armenian, and Jewish quarters, are the ever present posters on almost every wall noting the Armenian Genocide.

Interestingly enough, after begging the world’s forgiveness for all manner of supposed American misdeeds, he also chose this moment to lecture Europe to admit Turkey to the European Union.

Good for President Nikolas Sarkozy for saying, effectively, “shut up, and mind your own business”.

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