When reality is better than fantasy…

Nope, not what you think.

I may be the last person in the world to watch the now famous Susan Boyle on youtube and “Britain’s Got Talent”.

If you have not, you MUST do so immediately.

The first time I watched, I was stunned.

The second time, I smiled to myself watching as she fooled everyone.

But the third time, I cried.

We hear people all the time saying “I’ve been working all my life for this…”.

When you hear someone like little 16 year old Allison Iraheta on American Idol say that, you smile to yourself. She seems like a good kid, but you think, c’mon, your WHOLE life?

But when think about this woman, unemployed, literally a “cat lady” who, for whatever strange, unexplained reason, has never been found before.

Whose almost mythic talent has been undiscovered until now. You can’t help but imagine her, ignored, underestimated, because of the way she looks, her entire life. Dreaming of this moment.

And then it all comes together. The moment. The talent. The song. I have never been a huge fan of any particular piece from Les Mis (although I absolutely loved the show as a whole) but in this case, with this woman, it was perfect. And to say that this was the voice of an angel, would be to not do her justice.

When she says I’ve been dreaming all my life for this. It means something.

Really, there is no way to describe this if you don’t see it. Watch it. And then watch it again. You will be glad you did…

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