Obama Transparent? Not quite says the US Court of Appeals…. again

Yesterday in the ninth circuit a three judge panel ruled against the Obama administration’s attempt to increase the Bush administrations use of the “state secrets” doctrine.

In other words, you know all that transparency? Bullshit.

The administration was arguing FOR RENDITION OF 5 PEOPLE.

Read that again. FOR RENDITION. Hey Obama fans, where are you now?

In the argument, the government essentially said, they need to be sent away to be tortured and we won’t tell you why because we want to keep that secret.

More than that, the government said that Obama can shut down a law suit by ANYONE when he deems it against the national interest.

Oh, you know, pesky things like challenging his fund raising, or any suit he deemed inconvenient.

The court said no to this absurdity, as it obviously should have.

Here is what Justice Michael Hawkins said “According to the government’s theory, the judiciary should effectively cordon off all secret actions from judicial scrutiny, immunizing the C.i.A. and it’s partners from the demands and limits of the law,”… “doing so would perversely encourage the president to to classify politically embarrassing information simply to place it beyond the reach of the judicial process.”

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