Who was that sneaking into the White House back door the other day?

Typically, or rather always, when a visiting head of state comes to the White House, the press coverage is extensive. In addition to the usual enormous White House press corps, there are the members of the home country’s press.

There is the ubiquitous photo of the two leaders sitting in those famous White House chairs, and of course the joint press conference.

When it is an ally of ours, there is usually the typical “we’re even closer than ever” and “This is a new dawn in an historic friendship” type of statements.

Well, apparently Israel no longer qualifies for ANY Level of apparent friendship.

Did you know that Israeli President Shimon Peres visited the White House last week?

Of course not. Why? Simple, because the White House did not want you, or more specifically, did not want the Arab and Persian (Iran) world to know.

Thus Peres was literally shushed into the back door of the White House, with no press, and no official announcement.

When was the last time a Nobel Peace Prize winner came to visit the President with no press?

Well, let me correct that. There was coverage in Israel. And if you can find pictures you will note that they are Israeli press copyrighted (or Reuters the international agency that much of the Middle East Press uses).

Why coverage there, but not here? Because Israel is wagging the tail of the Obama dog, trying to paint a picture to the Arab world that it is still a US ally. To maintain some sense of security. Just as Bibi Netanyahu will paint a pretty picture on the fractious meeting that will occur in two weeks in NY.

As to that – frantic meetings continue in Cairo over how the Saudi’s, Egyptians and Israeli’s can make Obama understand just how serious the threat from Iran is.

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