Obama Takes Iran off the Table.

The administration has informed Prime Minister Netanyahu that when he comes for his meeting with President, er, HRH Obama next week, that there will be no discussion of the Iranian issue.

I wonder how this will be viewed in Riyadh and Cairo, where Bibi has spent the past week frantically working with the Saudis and Egyptians coming up with a tripartide approach to this most dangerously naive of American dictato… er, leaders.

Perhaps, Obama does not want to talk about Iran because he knows Prime Minister Netanyahu opposes Obama’s kid gloves treatment of the repressive Iranian regime. Netanyahu understands that if Iran attains nuclear capabilities it will threaten everyone. It’s clear that the Obama Administration has reached the conclusion that we can live in a world with a nuclear Iran. It is clear that Obama does not want to debate these sharp differences of opinion. He does not want to be told that he is wrong. So instead of talking about this issue he is going to try and bully Israel into a failed Palestinian policy and try to deter Israel from attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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