What can we learn from Sri Lanka?

Most have probably not been following the events in Sri Lanka over the last month or so.

Good reason for that. The Sri Lankan government has not allowed any press coverage.

Coverage of what, you ask?

Well, the Tamil separatists have been waging a war for much of the last half century against the recognized government.

There have been various levels of conflict, appeasement, and even signed agreements.

The Tamil leader however, told his followers to boycott the last Sri Lankan election. What happened was that a new government, (ironically with the brother of the President becoming Defense Minister – the irony? He’s an AMERICAN CITIZEN!!) was elected on a platform of ending the conflict.

So, for the last 3-4 weeks, refusing UN intervention, mediation from neighboring India, with bombings of civilian areas, hospitals, etc;

in other words, a full out assault, yesterday, the separatists gave up.

Where is the international outrage? The calls for war crimes tribunals?

Well, they’re not Jews so no such thing.

But, as Israel learned after the second intifada, if you crush the terrorists, they are like bullies and will go away.

Maybe you don’t remember the daily announcements of suicide bombings in Israel only 8 years ago. No more.

Will the Sri Lankan government continue to suffer from the same sort of random bombings, and terrorist acts? Of course! But the war is over.

Maybe our government can learn something? Nah, that would mean observing history and going against the appeasement/internationalist/progressive movement.

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