The 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse…. or Obama

Betcha didn’t know that George Mitchell and his staff are now part of the Israeli government?

That’s right, unlike any special Middle East envoy for any other President, Obama has now bought him permanent office space in Jerusalem.

Why? Because he now has a staff there and there are members of his staff supervising EVERY department of the Israeli government.

Particularly the security apparatus.

Why? Furthering Obama’s contention that it is only Israel that is preventing peace.

Wonder what he will think when the Israelis, as they have done over and over and over and over and over and over and over, give up whatever it is that Obama wants them to, and he discovers that the bombings and the Jew murders continue?

Anyway, there are 4 heads that have been installed. Each one more pro Palestinian than the next.

1) Mara Rudman is the head of the George Soros funded (the man whose goal it is to eliminate Israel from the world and yes, he’s a Jew and a Holocaust survivor. He blames the Holocaust on his Jewishness) Center for American Progress.

2) Lt.-Gen. Keith Dayton who has been training Palestinian security forces for some time and who recently said that it is likely that the Palestinians would use those weapons and training against the Israelis if they do not allow “Judenfrie” (jewfree) state in Judea and Samaria.

3) Fred Hoff, who has led the charge in the Obama administration for renewing ties with Syria, that bastion of international terrorism and the murderer of the Lebanese President and who demands that the Israelis give up the Golan Heights.

4) David Hale, the architect of the plan to build up Hizbollah, under the guise of the “Lebanese Army” creating yet another official state sponsor of the “destroy Israel” policy.

All of these appointments continue to make abundantly clear the Obama agenda.

Give away enough land, and what is left of Israel is the dessert. But that won’t work either because it will be intersected by this new path from Gaza to the west bank.

So, in other words, as I have been saying… No Israel.

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