Happy Birthday America!! Really?

In what is an almost impossible to believe move, HRH Obama has invited Iranian diplomats from around the world to come to American Embassies on July 4th.

When asked today if the recent events in Iran affected this invitation he said no.

When asked if the fact that we didn’t even have diplomatic relations with Iran might make a difference, he essentially harumphed and avoided the question.

I am simply astounded. I have lost the ability to describe my offense at the behaviour of this man.

As I pointed out during the campaign, there is a segment of the Democratic pary that genuinely thinks that the US is a force for evil. That we are an hegemonistic, colonial power.

I warned that you would hear this kind of language and, of course, you have.

But I can think of nothing more disgusting than this move.

Of couse, what Obama and his minions have scrupolously avoided discussing is the Ayatollah Khameini’s speech the other day.

What are they not discussing?

Well, just like his stepchild, President Ahmadinejad, Khameini blamed the demonstrations on the Zionist conspiracy, and added his own bit Holocaust denial.

Yup, let’s invite him to our birthday party.

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