The Russian Connection

HRH’s visit to Russia once again demonstrated his almost comic ignorance, or willful ignorance of world history, and current events.

As he negotiates with the Russians to reduce OUR nukes, and purportedly their nukes, as well as trying to get Russian co operation with regard to Iran, he fails to consider several points in which the Russians have been the driving force behind Iranian nuclear ambition.

* Russia is responsible for construction of the Iranian nuclear power plant at Bushehr.

* Russia is supplying Iran with nuclear fuel with no provisions for dealing with spent nuclear fuel.

* Russia has provided “blueprints” for Iran’s development of a heavy water nuclear reactor.

* Official Russia turns a blind eye while Iran obtains uranium mining and milling technology from Russian companies.

* Russia is Iran’s close partner when it comes to delivery systems – building missiles. At least seven Russian companies expert in missile technology are operating in Iran.

The Great dictator says his principal foreign policy goal is to “remake America’s image in the world.” He wants to be liked. And I repeat, it is HE who wants to be liked, because he does not particularly like Americans. And to that end, while in Moscow, he delivered a “please like me” speech aimed at the Russian people.

But this is Russia and in Russia you play by the Bear’s rules. President Obama’s speech was carried only on the least watched Russian TV channel (think C-Span). On the other hand, Mr. Putin’s finger wagging lecture to Mr. Obama about the Cold War and American arrogance received extensive coverage on all Russian media.

And of course, OUR media, would never let you know that.

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