Let’s have a beer…

Yes, I just had to weigh in.

OK, let’s make it simple.

Who the f*** is stupid enough to scream at a cop who is investigating a b and e, or breaking and entering?

And what cop is so power mad that he arrests a homeowner, particularly one using a cane, AFTER they produce the id showing that they are the homeowner?

There, you see, as with most things, equal opportunity stupidity.

BUT, who is the stupidest, most pandering of them all?

HRH of course.

Raise your hands, all of you, if you think that Barack Obama has EVER had a beer at the end of the day?

Why beer? Well, because the image makers have to show that he is a man of the common folks.

Even worse, he is pandering to the union and particularly the law enforcement vote.

Why couldn’t Officer Crowley and Professor Gates be invited for a glass of wine? or coffee?

Did anyone even think to ask that?

Was this a teaching moment, as he said, or a “let’s clean up the mess I made with my absurdly stupid and offensive remark moment”?

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