Even now, can there be any doubts?

I was perusing the State Department’s website today.

According to the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, passed by Congress and signed by then President Clinton, making it US Law,

“Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel; and the United States Embassy in Israel should be established in Jerusalem no later than May 31, 1999”

Interesting to note that under HRH Obama the Jerusalem homepage of the State Department is now devoid of even a SINGLE REFERENCE TO ISRAEL or JEWS.

What does it contain? Only references to Palestinians, Palestine, Palestinian summer camps for Palestinian children, etc.

Here is a snapshot of the top half of the page (the page is too large to take a full image. Which I have if you wish to see the rest):

You might note 2 other interesting things. In the upper right corner you will see an option to READ THE PAGE IN ARABIC.

What is missing? The Hebrew option.

There is also a link at the same place on the page. A link for the US CONSULATE IN GAZA!!!!!

While the sentiments that this demonstrates come as no surprise to me, I am SHOCKED that Obama now feels so unfettered by even the most basic need to bow to history and can be so blatant in his disregard for our single most ardent ally.

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