Al Quds Day

Al Quds is the Islamic name for Jerusalem.


Al Quds day was celebrated on Friday in Iran.


As background, there is no mention of Jerusalem anywhere in Islamic writings and it is mentioned only briefly in the Quran.


It was never an object of Muslim desires until 1967.


So what happened on Friday?


Well, simple. For those that continue to claim that Ahmadinejad was misquoted when he said that Israel must be destroyed, he made it clear in his speeches yesterday that not only was he not misquoted, but that indeed, it was the duty of ALL Muslims to destroy Israel.


Oh, and of course, he stopped pussy footing around claiming that the Holocaust simply needed further research because it hadn’t been proven. He simply called it a lie.


And then compounded that statement by denying 3000 years of history, and 200 years of modern history and repeated our President’s lie that Israel is a product of the Holocaust.


And this is with whom Obama wants to chat.

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