When Being President Just isn’t enough…

In an almost incredible move, indicative of the type of hubris that Barack Obama has, he has asked Governor David Patterson of NY to not run in 2010.


Paterson is incredibly unpopular here in NY, squandering, like the President, an early honeymoon period after the resignation of Elliot Spitzer.

He bungled the replacement for Hillary Clinton, allowed an uprising and shut down of the State Legislature and has generally shown himself to be, while a nice man, exactly the type of barely competent functionary that everyone assumed he was during his career, living off his father’s name (Basil Patterson).


The idea of a President asking a sitting incumbent, and one of two African Americans, to NOT run for reelection is simply incredible.

I guess running the insurance, manufacturing, banking, unions, and health care industries is not enough. Now he has to run our state.

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