A Bridge Too Far

I have, for as long as I can remember, decried the lack of civility in public discourse in this country.

I have largely laid the blame for this on the maturation of the two party system, and the concomitant need for entrenched authorities to

maintain their power. i.e. To do anything to stay elected by demonizing the “others”.


As well, is the so called “talking” heads that are really screaming heads systematically reducing our sense of decency, politeness.


My view was that the split occurred on party lines, and I could never understand the obsessiveness with which these folks stuck so rigidly to party dogma.


This is largely true, but ultimately what it comes down to is simple. You are for light, or dark. Freedom or oppression, capitalism or socialism, democracy or totalitarianism.

The 21st century or the 9th century.


What is so frustrating to me is the absurd wrongheadedness, the total lack of historical perspective, and lessons, of those who would choose the dark, the past, enslavement vs. freedom.


“With his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, President Obama took another step toward repairing America’s battered image…”


So began the editorial in today’s NY Times.


It is simple, you either believe this, or you believe what I do. That what this traitor, this refugee from all the failed experiments of history did in that speech was

throw away everything that has made America the light among nations.


Apologize? The world should apologize to us. Do we make mistakes? Of course! But we have spread more freedom, enabled more liberty, saved more people, than all

Nations in history combined.


This President shows such a shocking lack of national self awareness, is so devoid of any historical perspective, that I simply can no longer even listen to him.


The question is simple. The answer, not so. Which side are you on?

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