That Obama Magic

The defeat of Chicago’s bid for the Olympics is being played by the party partisans as one would expect.

For me, it is a clear reflection of statements coming out of Europe since last weeks disastrous UN fiasco.

It is also just another example of one of the great lies perpetrated by Obama during the election as to the relative like or dislike of us by the world.

Apparently, being the only President to ever make an Olympic bid, just didn’t have the force of personality that the “O” thought it would.

Guess he’s not quite as persuasive as he would believe.

More, he so angered the Europeans, who dominate the IOC, with his weak statements about Iran even as the Brits and French were coming down hard, that it was all but inevitable.

Even more important, and of course NOT covered by the mainstream press, is the fact that after the meeting on Thursday with the Iranians, the administration and the press portrayed it as a victory.

Funny, because the lead Iranian negotiator came out of the meeting and said the nuclear issue was NOT EVEN DISCUSSED.

The Iranians than backed out of the statements that they had made last week, long before this meeting, that they would let the IAEA in to look at this recently revealed military facility and now say that they won’t.

Talk, talk, talk, tick, tick tick….

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