Where have you been?

Well, to answer the question that I keep receiving via email, it’s simple.

Every once in a while things get so bad, so corrupt, so backward, that I find myself unable to continue to relay the news to everyone.

What most of you who don’t spend time studying the things that I do probably don’t realize, is that I sanitize by a factor of about 99% most of what I read.

And no, I don’t read the lunatic fringe websites, I read source material. From the published sermons of the leading imams, to Al Aram and Al Jazeera, to the CBO and the Federal register.

Running through the Arab press every day, or listening to the call to prayer, is truly frightening.

As we speak, the usual Christmas time “blood libel” is running rampant (for those who don’t know, this is the continuation of the anti semitic story put forth by Czar Nicholas that says that Jews murder Christian children to use their blood for matzoh).

But it is so much more than that.

There is a full on, universal effort to teach that Jerusalem has no religious or historic significance to Jews or, by extension, Christians.

A British court has now issued a warrant for the head of the opposition party in Israel, Tzipi Livni, who was foreign minister during the “Operation Cast Lead” defense against Gaza.

Worse, the European Union has voted to declare Jerusalem a divided city, and condemned Israel control of it.

In Afghanistan, we have been lied to by our King once again. You think he is sending 30,000 troops? NOT. He has sent 43,000.

Like all of his lies, it is so stupid, and so transparent it boggles my mind why he does it. To placate the left wing, I guess, but to me it is just another example of his ridiculous mendacity.

Or how about Hilary Clinton’s admission this week “I guess our Iranian policy of negotiation hasn’t worked”.

And the final admission of what I have been saying for 2 years now, that this idiot, accepts an Iranian bomb, believing he can control them.

But here at home things are worse.

14 TRILLION dollars. 37 TRILLION dollars in unfunded medicaid liabilties.

These are numbers so large that they are inconceivable in the true sense of that word.

Here in NY, Governor Paterson has simply WITHHELD a percentage of funding across the board from all cities, school districts etc.

Why? He stated that he would not be the governor who oversaw the insolvency of NY State.

If you think this is a problem of ours alone, you are wildly misinterpreted.

California and NY. Don’t you think the two largest states are reflective of the overall national problem?

It will take at least a generation of solid, no holds barred, no compromise effort to undue what this disaster of a President has wrought.

We as a nation will be bankrupt.

Let me repeat that. We will be bankrupt.

There have been significant moves already to remove the dollar as the international currency.

If China, Russia, or any of our other creditors decides to say, “no, we don’t need any more Treasury bills, thank you”, we are finished at that moment.

And this has already started. There have been several unsuccessful Treasury auctions recently.

Without going into the details of this, let me explain it this way.

If this happens, there will be a depression of BIBLICAL proportions.

50% unemployment. Death by starvation, mobs roaming the streets.

And what is going on?

Another $1 TRILLION stimulus being legitimately discussed.

Taking the TARP payback money and NOT using it to pay down debt but to fund a jobs bill.


I cannot describe how bad this is.

And now, the inevitable has happened.

While you were sleeping, the FED has been pumping Billions of dollars into the economy.

All well and good, however with virtual 0% interest, what this guarantees is runaway inflation.

And it has started. The inflation rate for last month was just announced. 1.8%. The core rate, excluding food and energy? .5%

That is now 6% inflation.

This may not seem significant, but what it means is that every dollar you earn is worth 94 cents compared to yesterday.

And it will get MUCH worse.

He told us “change” and that is what we’ve gotten.

He is now in direct personal control of every aspect of your life when this health care reform passes.

From banking to insurance, business to personal, arrests to wiretapping, torture to rendition.

You are not safe.


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