Surprising words…

I almost fell off my chair today in reading the op ed section of the Times.

David Brooks, the Times’ house Republican (although how a progressive can call himself that, I don’t know), has been perhaps Obama’s biggest fan, and cheerleader for the better part of the last year.

It’s why he is, or was, the only journalist from the right who is given unfettered access.

But in his article today, in discussing his democratic past, and his current position, he said something that I think, reflects much of the country.

To quote:
“Yet I confess, watching all this, I feel again why I am no longer spiritually attached to the Democratic Party. The essence of America is energy – the vibrancy of the market, the mobility of the peole and the disruptive creativity of entrepreneurs. This vibrancy grew up accidentally, out of a cocktail of religious fervor and material abundance, but it was nurtured by choice. It was nurtured by our founders, who created national capital markets to disrupt the ossifying grip of the agricultural landholders…”

I say, bravo David, and welcome back to America.

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