11 + 16 + 4 + 14 = Permanent Majority

Lost in the maelstrom of the health care debacle is the ultimate goal of the Obamites.

How to ensure a permanent majority – at least until the dictatorship takes hold – for the progressive party (now in control of the Democrats).

How are they doing this?

Well, in the 2 days since the health care bill, you’ve seen two immediate actions.

First, the move to immediately grant citizenship to between 11 and 25 million illegal aliens (no one is sure how many there really are – I’ve used the smaller number).

Ever wonder why union cadillac health plans were excluded from the monstrosity of the fines we all will pay from now on? To ensure the votes of the 16+ million union members in the country.
That’s right, unlike you, no matter how good their plan is, they will not be hit with the taxes on that plan the way you will be.

The next move is being called a new voting rights act.
The next piece of legislation is to grant the right to vote BACK to roughly 4 million convicted felons.

Finally, are the approximately 14 million federal employees, who of course receive wonderful health care benefits.

As you know, most of these people will tend to vote Democratic.

If you total up the numbers you get 47 million votes (unless you take the higher end number for illegal aliens who will be granted citizenship, than the total is 61 million votes).

John McCain received approximately 59 million votes in the last election.

Do you think that 61 million number is any coincidence?

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