A nuke here, a nuke there…

Lost by the Obamites amid the President’s jubilation at the new start treaty, is that Obama was absolutely taken by the two headed monster, Dmitiri Medvedev and Vladimir Putin.

The START treaty that had expired in December called for a maximum of 2200 Ballistic missiles.
Did Obama fail to notice that the Russians currently have more than 2600? That’s not a near miss, that’s a willful failure.
We now have approximately 1500 or so of these most deadly nukes.

However, of much greater importance is what is known as battlefield tactical nuclear weapons.

Everyone acknowledges that there will be good defenses available against ICBM’s launched from thousands of miles away.
This is for any number of reasons, the distance they must travel, the ease of following their locations in hardened, permanent positions, etc.
Just as important is the fact that only a few of these megaton monsters are needed to ensure Armageddon.

The Russians specifically EXCLUDED battlefield tactical weapons from the list of items to be included in the treaty, and inspection regime..
And these are the weapons that are MOST DANGEROUS in today’s world.
They are mobile, use solid fuel and cannot be traced easily using satellite, or even “feet on the ground” technology.

Currently, Russia has a 4 to 1 advantage over us in the number of these weapons, approximately 2000 to 500.

Of much greater concern however, is that these are exactly the weapons that are being sought by dissident terror groups, and which can be stolen, or easily lost track of in regime changes, etc.
And it’s certainly not like the Russians to ally themselves with regimes that might be prone to use these battlefield nukes (wink, wink).
So, once again, we have been made less safe.

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