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If Brian Williams cries in the woods, can anyone hear it?

I don’t usually put my economic advice here, but several weeks ago, the market “topped” at approx. 11,800.  For those that know anything about what is called technical analysis, what it means is that the market tends to move in … Continue reading

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Pardon the interruption of your hysteria, but how about a few inconvenient facts?

I’ve waited to write this post (and another one I had planned) until some of the brouhaha over the new Arizona law died down a bit. As so often happens to me, I am left befuddled over the uproar. Call … Continue reading

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I’ve written often over the last year and half about the fact that Obama administration has taken government secrecy to levels never seen before. I’ve also written that it is actually far worse than that, with the white house press … Continue reading

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