I’ve written often over the last year and half about the fact that Obama administration has taken government secrecy to levels never seen before.

I’ve also written that it is actually far worse than that, with the white house press office having created an agency who actually PRODUCES news clips, photos, blog posts, tweets, etc. It all started oh so innocently, with the Rutgers women’s basketball team’s visit last year, but escalated with the “Beer Summit”.

Now it has been taken to a new level with the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Not only is no one allowed to get near her, and the White House conducting sham interviews made to look like news clips, but what ISN’T getting coverage are things like this. The New York Times, even in trying to do a puff piece about Kagan, was FORBIDDEN, yes, totalitarianism raises it’s head again, forbidden from attending a class at Hunter college here in NY to hear what Kagan’s BROTHER has to say!!


As I continue to write, and express to those around me, there are no historical precedents for the depravity, the criminality, and unconstitutional behavior of this administration.

It continues to befuddle me why no one can piece this together.

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