What’s the key to Middle East Peace?

I have been writing, and explaining, for years, that the real issue in the middle east is not land, or borders, but simply, religion.

This was emphasized once again this week by the so called “moderate” Palestinian authority, the group the Obama administration so desperately wants the Israelis to make absurd concessions to (no Jewish building? certainly seems biased to me).

On the official Palestinian Information Office website, the PA published a “study” that purported to demonstrate that there is no Jewish connection to the “Kotel” or wailing wall.

In fact, the study went on to say the the tunnels, the paths on the side of the wall, used for centuries by Jewish Pilgrims to the Temple (including Jesus) had always been used by Muslims and never Jews or Christians.

Of course, the study fails to note, as always, that Jerusalem is NEVER mentioned, not one time, in the Koran.

Ironically, even the PA’s own website, in it’s history of Jerusalem timeline, lists Jewish residency there.

This is part of an ongoing deligitamization campaign that has been going on publicly, and behind closed doors, for decades.

One of the worst examples of this, has been the raping of archeologic items from inside the Temple Mount.

Jewish Law will not allow any digs under the Mount. However, during the Oslo accords, and the Wie River accords, the Israelis allowed Yasser Arafat, at his specific request, to widen doorways to the underground prayer areas of Al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock mosques.

What was discovered shortly after, was truckloads of dirt, filled with artifacts from the first and second temple periods simply dumped into the Qidron valley, the valley between the Temple and the Mount of Olives.

This extends throughout the Muslim world.

This week, the front page of many British papers describes the type of horrible anti semitic lies being taught in the weekend Muslim schools. There are all the classics. Jews are developed out of Apes and Pigs, Jews are conspiring to take over the world, etc.

Of equal concern to the British is the fact that the children, as young as 6, are also being taught the basic Sharia requirements for severing of hands and feet for petty crimes.

The British Education Secretary has condemned this in no uncertain terms.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government have also been on the forefront of this battle.

Where is the US? If the Saudis are sponsoring this in England, what do you think is going on in the middle east?

Until we understand who and what the real enemy is, we can’t help to see true peace.

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