Lies, Linkage and the truths hidden in the Wikileaks case…

Lost in much of the controversy over the ‘Wikileaks’ story of the leaked state department memo and research is the revelation that the central tenet of the Obama administrations’ foreign policy, what has become known as “linkage” is a total, and absolute lie.

What is “linkage”? Simply put, Obama and his acolytes have long contended that all of the problems in the middle east are “linked” to the Israel-so called Palestinian issue.

Obama has made the case since the first day of his Presidency that solving that problem will make all of the other problems in the area simply fall away.

Even more, he has argued that solving this, will enable the US to enlist the aid of the intransigent Saudis and Egyptians in helping to convince the Iranians to stop their nuclear madness.

But what the leaks tell us is just the opposite. In fact, it confirms what I have written here many times over the last few years. That actually Egypt and Saudi Arabia were literally begging Obama to take more serious action against the Iranian regime and that it is the US that has been reticent, refusing to take any serious action against Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollahs.

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