The most important judicial decision of the last 200 years. Oh, you missed it?

No, it’s not the decision on health care.

As usual, the press has largely missed it. Here in NY, my hometown “paper of record” actually did cover it. In a small article on page 14.

What decision am I referring to?

Well Nasser Awlaki, father of Anwar al Awlaki, the “American Taliban” who has been targeted for assasination by President Obama, sued, with the help of the ACLU and several other constitutional groups for a Restraining Order to prevent the President from assassinating his son.

First, the judge, declared that Mr. Awlaki had no standing. Based on that decision, the case ended there. But frighteningly, the judge went further and declared that this type of decision had no place in the courts, that it deserved to be in what is loosely termed “the public policy carve out”.

What does that mean? The courts have certain issues, largely national security, that they say are best decided by the legislature.

But never before has the court said that a citizen can be denied their basic right as guaranteed by the constitution, to LIFE, and not be able to stop the government from taking it.

What this court has said, is that any criminal on death row, has more rights than Awlaki. Simply because the President says so.

I hope you can all see the danger in this.

Does anyone remember Richard Nixon’s “enemies list”? What this court has said is that Nixon could have simply claimed that it was in the interest of national security, and assassinated anybody on that list.

Or, that if you did not vote for Obama, you are now a threat to national security and must be assassinated.

Far fetched? Not according to the reasoning of the court which left NO exceptions.

Most of you know that I am as hawkish as it comes when national security is involved. However, as American citizens we are DIFFERENT, in the eyes of US Law, from all other residents of this planet. That is the true blessing of being an American, and why so many want to come here.

But this court has said that we are no different than a Chinese dissident, a Russian “refusnik” or a member of the Christian Sudan being targeted by the Janjaweed militias.

We can be killed for convenience, at the order of one man.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

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