The President convicted of rape….

No, not here. In Israel. Moshe Katsav, who preceded current president Shimon Peres, was just convicted in Tel Aviv not only of raping a young staff member, but also of harassment of two others.

Katsav lost a recall election when these allegations came out.

The actions of the man speak for themselves and clearly need no comment from me.

What does need comment is the very fact that this happened in Israel. How many nations in the world can you imagine this happening?

Ironically, just this week in Russia, the person who was placed by Vladimir Putin to be a puppet opposition party candidate in Chechnya, made accusations against the puppet leader of the region. The response? Throw the accuser in jail.

More importantly, how many nations in that region of the world can you imagine the President being convicted on these charges?

Even more specifically, anyone remember William Kennedy Smith? Need I say more?

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