State of the Union

Sturring rhetoric. Beautiful metaphors. Inspirational imagery.

It was all there. Sadly, like most of the Obama agenda, the real issues were hidden.

As I have written here before, the actual politics that proceed for the next two years are irrelevant.

Why? Simply because of the creation during the first two years of a full bureaucracy that will now rule by regulatory structure.

The 18,000 police force created for the IRS to enforce the health care law. The takeover of the student loan industry. The control of the automakers. The declaration by the EPA that carbon regulation falls not to Congress, but to them. The same thing with the FCC and the internet.

A perfect example of the foolishness is the so called “freeze” on government spending.

What does “non discretionary” spending mean? It means 16% of the budget. That is what he is proposing to freeze. Insulting enough that he thinks this will actually fool you all. Worse, that he doesn’t get that it is cuts to spending that we need.
Why is that federal employees now make an average of $114,000 year, vs roughly $40,000 in the private sector? As the largest employer in the country, that is a significant figure. Where are the cuts there? To the Dept’s of Energy, Agriculture, Education… all the departments who, since their creation have done nothing but make things worse?

In other words, I’m still going to spend us into oblivion.

Can we take a lesson from the states, that are now looking into various methods for declaring bankruptcy?

The level of delusion is so great it is hard to fathom.

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