Democracy – 100,000, Theocracy – 1,000,000

Funny, but I have yet to see on the front page of my daily NY Times, or in that bastion of “news” that the President pushes, the Huffington Post, any stories about the speech given on Friday by the spiritual head of the Muslim brotherhood in front of 1,000,000 Egyptians in Tahrir square.

Interesting that this is a man that was deemed so dangerous he had been banned from Egypt until the new government took over.  You know, the new government, same as the old government.  Except that now their golden goose, the US government led by that enigma of part time democracy support, Barack Obama, told them that the new government SHOULD allow the Muslim Brotherhood to participate.

What does it say when the Brotherhood outdraws the largest of the “pro democracy” crowd of the recent ‘revolution’ 10-1?  I think you can figure that out.

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