Our conversion to a dictatorship is now complete.

If you have read my blog over the last few years, you will have read my entreaties concerning the single thread that runs through the bizarre decisions of our current president.  I have argued that it is never a question of left vs right, but rather that in true Progressive (or as I call them Regressive) fashion, he has concentrated more power in the office of the President than all of the chief executives who came before him combined.

One of the things that he did that most concerned me was his changing the definition of who could be detained without warrant under the guise of national security.

He took the Bush “enemy combatants” a clearly defined category well within the Geneva Conventions, and changed it to “Anyone the President deems in support of Terrorism”.

Well, this weekend, the final straw was put into this potion of lost liberty.

In signing the executive order keeping Guantanamo Prison open and restarting Military Tribunals there, he did something that even I never thought any President would try and get away with.

No nation in history, even those with “show” trials, has ever declared that the President can keep imprisoned EVEN SOMEONE FOUND NOT GUILTY.

In other words, Barack Obama has now signed orders saying that he can arrest and imprison anyone he wants, REGARDLESS of what the courts say.

Call him Comrade, say Heil before his name, Your imperial highness, glorious leader, or any other appellation taken by the deviant dictators of our times, but he is well within that group.

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