Can you talk when the conversation itself is illegitimate?

I’ve written often over the years about the Orwellian nature of conversations about the Middle East.  That the very subjects being discussed are so backward and irrelevant to the bigger issues of tyrannical regimes that the very ideas, and those in support of them must be living in some alternate reality.

Now, the same thing is going on here in the US.  We have been sucked into a debate in Wisconsin about the validity of Governor Walkers attempt to limit public service union’s collective bargaining rights (not eliminate them, and not all unions as the left media would have us believe).

And yet, every day, the bigger story of an entire class of state senators simply leaving, refusing to engage even in debate is being ignored.

Where is the line?  I don’t want to name that school after FDR.  I’m leaving!!  I don’t want to name the street Oak, it should be Elm!!!  I’m leaving!!

I don’t want Monday’s as a state holiday for the Cheese Festival I want Tuesday!!  I’m leaving!!!

It’s called a slippery slope.  And we’ve slipped so much we don’t even notice the collective hole in the backseat of our collective pants from the friction on the way down.

This is obfuscation, point changing and political sleight of hand of the worst order.

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