Massacre in Itamar – warning, graphic photos inside.

This past Shabbat, the 12 year old daughter of the Fogel Family living in Itamar, Israel, a town approximately 15 miles west of the Jordan River and 30 miles from the Meditterranean, in what has become known as the northern west bank, arrived home from a youth group meeting.

She was unable to open the door to her house, and summoned a neighbor for help.

What she found can not be described in any other way than horrific.

Her parents, 11 year old, 4 year old, and 3 MONTH OLD siblings were found murdered, stabbed to death in their beds, their throats slashed.

To let the public understand the brutality of the crimes, and what they face every day, the family released some of the official investigative pictures of the murders.

Here in the US, a person who committed this crime would be known as a “family annhilator”, a particularly heinous type of serial killer.

In Palestinian society, this type of person has a street, soccer stadium or School named after them, as Dalal Mughrabi, the worst murderer in Israeli history (a female Palestinian terrorist) had.

Worse, these “namings” are applauded and supported by ALL of the Palestinian leadership, including Abbas and Fayyad. Abbas said recently that of course they would name things after Mughrabi, she is a hero.

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