I think I crapped my pants.

Listening to “our” President tonight, I reached the boiling point.
The man who has amassed more debt than every President in American History combined, who passed the ultimate government TRILLION dollar boondoggle, who has grown government by more than 30% in TWO YEARS, now says debt is our problem!!!!!

But here’s the chutzpah. The budget was due more than a year ago. The President never submitted it. When he FINALLY did, it was rejected, UNANIMOUSLY. That means his own party, STILL the majority in the Senate, rejected it.

What is also forgotten, is that the President demanded a straight up or down vote on raising the debt limit. This was also overwhelmingly rejected by his party.

Never before has there been a President who so consistently insults the intelligence of the American Public. And what’s worse is that I fear he will get away with it.

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