“Hoarders” has got it all wrong!

Have you seen any of those “hoarding” shows on A and E or the Discovery?

You know, the ones where someone who would be described colloquially as nutso, but who suffers from severe obsessive compulsive disorder has so much sh*t that there’s no place to walk?

And yet, what do they all have in common? Even the ones who say, “I’ve got a problem. I’m going to lose my family”, when it comes time to throw things away, they just can’t. Everything is too valuable, or might have use sometime in the future.

Sound like anyone you know?

It seems to me, our government should be the star of the next 10 years of “hoarders” with each episode highliting another obscene federal program that is actually just covering up a pile of roaches, or a dead cat, or some rats, that have made a home in the hoarders pile. Let’s start with the bridge to nowhere, turn right to the cowboy poetry festival, and then to some serious stuff like Obama-no care, and the Department of Education.

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