The American War On Israel Has Begun

An interesting thing happened on the way to the inaugural balls. War broke out in Israel. Can this really be a surprise to anyone? Can it possibly be a coincidence that just less than 2 weeks after Barack Obama’s reelection Hamas missiles for the first time hit Israel’s most populace city, Tel Aviv?

In the fog of all of the various scandals of the Obama administration, and his open disdain of and hostility to, the Jewish state, is forgotten the core of the Obama foreign policy team during his first election.

There was the infamous Robert Malley, who was forced to resign when it was revealed that he was in negotiations, while Obama was still a candidate no less, with Hamas.

There was Samantha Power, who sadly came back just a year or so later to be an official part of the administration, who has famously advocated sending American troops to Israel to protect….. Palestinians from Israelis!!!

Included here too is Lt. General Keith Drayton, responsible for training the Palestinian forces in advanced US security techniques and another Obamite who has expressed views similar to Powers’.

And of course, there is Susan Rice. Who as UN Ambassador was raised to a cabinet level position and who managed in just one turn, to undo years of pro Israel activity by the US at the UN. She put the US back into the Durban anti semitic/anti Israel hate fest. She put the US back on the UN Commission for Human Rights, that obscenely named body that exists for the sole purpose of demonizing Israel, when it is not ignoring all actual human rights abuses around the world.

And let us not forget the President. Conveniently forgotten in the litany of anti Israel policies and maneuvers that Obama has made over the last year (what, declaring Jerusalem, of all places, to be Judenrein, is not sufficient?) awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, I repeat Freedom, to Mary Robinson, the Irishwoman who is most famous for chairing that same Durban conference in which the idea that Zionism is racism, was fundamentally adopted.

Perhaps also forgotten was that this President’s first official act, memorialized forever in the Federal Register, was to rush 30 Million Dollars to Hamas during operation Cast Lead. Not to the Palestinian people, or even the equally bad Palestinian Authority, but specifically to Hamas which at the time was engaged in another armed conflict with Israel (which of course has never really ceased).

So, I’ll ask again, is it any surprise that missiles are landing in Tel Aviv?

Worse, new Egyptian President Morsi, put himself in harms way in Gaza during Israel’s attempts to eliminate the missile batteries making it impossible for Israel to do what is necessary as long as he or his foreign minister is there. You know Muhammed Morsi, the hand picked (well that might be going too far, but certainly the hand steered) successor to Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. He clearly enunciates a new Egyptian perspective, condemning not the continuous hundreds and thousands of missile attacks into now central Israel, but instead Israel’s defensive response.

Remember, it was this President who insisted that the tree from which the Hamas chestnut fell, the Muslim Brotherhood, was “moderate”.

That same brotherhood whom this President has pushed a new 1.2 BILLION dollar aid package.

Yes, the American war on Israel has begun.

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