Redefining “Egregious”

In an administration that defines itself by its violation of citizens rights and flaunting its disregard for the Constitution, perhaps the revelations of the past week my finally, at long last, get the attention of the mainstream media and the American public writ large.

First, Obama’s campaign, retitled OFA (Organizing for America – a laughable sobriquet if ever there was one) announced that large donors can now buy access to the President. That’s right, they are so arrogant in the knowledge that no press will call them out, they are not even trying to hide it. $500,000 buys you quarterly private meetings with Obama. Incredible.

Next, Bob Woodward, of Watergate and “Deep Throat” fame, the famed journalist for the Washington Post, has been openly discussing the fact that “sequester” was the President’s idea and policy, and NOT, as he now tries to sell it, that of Congress and the GOP. However, THAT is not the really dangerous thing.

Last night, on Wolf Blitzer’s program on CNN, Woodward said that he had received a DIRECT THREAT from the White House for doing so. He said that in an email to him from someone he described as a “high ranking” member of the administration, “very high”, he was told that if he did not cease his statements, he would be “very sorry”.

As I have been saying for 4+ years now, I am stunned every day by the criminality of this bunch. I guess if murdering American citizens is not enough to raise hackles, perhaps a threat to a respected member of the 4th Estate will finally get the press in an uproar.

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