Why are all the scandals popping up now?

The Obama administration, under any honest evaluation has had more than it’s fair share of “scandals”. From the “no lobbyists” claim and the immediate appointment of health care lobbyist Tom Daschle, and the farcical spectacle of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner failing to pay his taxes, the Susan Powers description during the campaign of Hillary Clinton as a “monster” or Robert Malley secretly negotiating with Hamas while Obama was still a candidate, straight through to Fast and Furious, Van Jones, and various other open antisemites or communists being appointed to significant positions in the administration and finally to the recent scandals, including the IRS targeting Tea Party, Patriot and (surprise) pro Israel groups, “Benghazigate” (which is far worse than the mass discussion would indicate) and the AP wiretapping scandals.

So why is it only the last three that seems to have finally taken hold in the “mainstream” media?

Since the days of William Randolph Hearst creating the Chicago Examiner for the express purpose of promoting the Democrat machine in the Windy City and Walter Lippman inventing modern political propaganda for Woodrow Wilson, the press has had, shall we say, a rather cozy relationship with the Democrat, or more specifically, the Progressive, Party.

But that relationship has been built on a particular understanding. That there would be no direct lies TO THEM. That a wink and a nudge would indicate that some spin was going on, but that the questions shouldn’t be too tough or too probing about Democrat foibles. So, nothing about JFK dating an East German spy, but a deep expose about Richard Nixon’s dog. (Not defending Nixon in any way!). No probing investigations of Billy Carter being a paid Lobbyist for Mohamar Ghadaffi, but Dan Rather inventing documents to discredit George W Bush’s National Guard service.

So what happened in DC during the last week to ten days?

2 significant things. First, White House Spokesman stood at the podium and said “the only change to the Benghazi talking points” given to Ambassador Susan Rice were “cosmetic”, changing the word “embassy” to “consulate”.

This was a blatant lie. A violation of the wink and nudge agreement that had so long existed. A lie directly to the White House Press Corps that still thinks of themselves as the scions of Woodward and Bernstein, holding truth to power (well at least Republican power).

Next, and perhaps even worse, in the eyes of the press, was the subpoena of Associated Press records and the bugging of the cloak room. The AP is, after all, ALL of the press. This was a direct attack on them, and an even more egregious attack on this silent agreement.

At this point, it was clear that there would no be a waterfall of reports and so, miraculously, 8 months after the election, reports actually began to be seen on the major networks about the Benghazi “whistle-blowers” and absolute disgust about the IRS scandal.

How far the press will take this new attitude I don’t know, but welcome back, 4th estate. A critical press is essential to the functioning of the Republic and you are all needed.

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